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Innovations for the global animal housing industry

EuroTier is the leading international trade fair for professional animal farming and livestock management. The leading innovation platform of the global animal production industry offers an overview of innovations and established standards. It provides answers and solutions for current and future challenges.

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Exhibitors and visitors on challenges and opportunities of modern animal farming.

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In addition to five newly included feed materials, the updated 15th edition of the positive list for feed materials now also contains the further developed inclusion criteria for feed materials in the positive list.

Trend report: Digital solutions for herd management, quality assurance and smart farming; camera-based systems for monitoring health are competing against sensor systems related to individual animals.

Reduction in greenhouse gases through increases in efficiency, innovative animal housing concepts, adapted feeding methods and commitment to animal welfare; seed and innovative crop protection agents; carbon farming.

Dr. Christiane Keppler, Landesbetrieb Landwirtschaft Hessen (LLH - Hesse State Framing Authority), Germany intact beak; phasing out chick-culling; in-ovo sex determination


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