2021 IEEE Workshop on Emerging Technologies: Wireless Power (WoW)

June 1 – 4, 2021, San Diego, CA, USA

Program Agenda
Virtual, June 1 2021

Near Field WPT

  • Fundamentals of Near Field IPT, Duleepa Thrimawithana/Grant Covic
  • An Introduction to MHz IPT, Paul Mitcheson
  • Fundamentals of Capacitive WPT, Khurram Afridi
  • EMC and EMF Safety Issues in Near Field Wireless Power Transfer Systems, Mauro Feliziani

Far Field WPT – Special Topic on Solar Power Satellite

  • Solar Power Satellite, Hooman Kazemi
  • Recent Advance of Beam Wireless Power Transfer for Solar Power Satellite in Japan, Naoki Shinohara
  • Overview of Power Beaming and Space Solar, Paul Jaffe
  • Fundamental Technology and Prototype Experiment of MWPT & SSPS in China, Baoyuan Duan

Emerging Technologies

  • WPT Patent Landscape, Fritz Fleming
  • Commercially Viable Long-Range Wireless Power Transmission Technology, Greg Kushnir
  • Analysis and Benefits of GaN in High Frequency Applications, Paul Wiener

Workshop for Novel Compact Size Single and Multi-bands DGS Resonators for Wireless Power Transfer, and Energy Harvesting

  • Coupled Defected Ground Structures Resonators Principles and Applications, Adel Bedair
  • Design of DGS WPT Systems Using Iterative Optimization Techniques, Sherif Hekal
  • Dual-band Rectenna Using Voltage Doubler Rectifier and Four-Section Matching Network, Ahmed Allam, Mohamed Ali

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